Here's the technical stuff...

If you don't know much about the technical side of things, don't panic - we will sort all the logistics. We come fully self-contained, and will bring all the sound and lighting equipment we need, plus a professional engineer to ensure we can put on a fantastic performance for you and your guests.

All we require from you is a suitable space to perform in - we'll sort out everything else!

The Vibrations UK Function Band-37

Here are a few more details about our required performance space:

  • We need a (flat!) performance area that’s physically big enough for our musicians, plus their instruments and equipment. This is typically at least 6m by 3m for our larger bands, although some of our smaller acts can fit in smaller spaces. If you’re unsure, let us know what the venue is when you book - we may well have already played there and will know the space, but if not, it allows us to do our own research.
  • We bring our own sound, lighting and engineer/s, which are tailored to suit the size of the band and venue. We will happily co-ordinate any other technical equipment you require (such as staging, extra lighting, etc) - again, just let us know what you’re after in the booking process. As standard, we bring audio equipment to cover ~200 guests, but we can also cater for larger and smaller events if necessary.
  • We require access to a (safe!) power supply near the performance area. The amount of power we need will be confirmed during the booking process, but all of our equipment is modern and draws relatively low currents.
  • Unless you've booked our acoustic string quartet, please allow up to 2 hours for us to set up our equipment. This needs to be in an empty room for safety reasons (we can set up earlier in the day if you need the room for your meal!). If you have requested additional technical equipment, such as staging, our setup may take a little longer. We will be able to advise you on any specifics relating to your event.
  • We need parking for several vehicles. If space is tight, it is possible for us to unload and then move our vehicles, but depending on the location, this can become time consuming.
  • We require a sensible loading entry, ideally with doors close to the performance area. If there are lots of stairs we’ll need a lift, or for some crew to be provided to help us load in and out.
  • We also require a hot meal for each musician and crew member (or a cash supplement so we can arrange this ourselves), soft drinks (water's fine!), and a changing room.
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