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How long do you perform for?

As standard we perform for two hours. This can be split into two 60 min sets, or three 40 min sets - it's up to you!

If you would rather we played for longer, just let us know when you book.

How much do you charge?

We calculate our prices on a case by case basis. As such, we can’t put a specific price on the website. Please get in touch and we’ll gladly give you a quote.

You're a very big band! Do you have any smaller options?

Yes we do! Whilst we absolutely love the impact of our full 11 piece band, it can be a little much for some occasions. Because of this, we offer a range of lineups to suit all budgets and venue sizes, starting at a 6 piece band. Please ask for details of our other lineups when you get in touch.

We have a special song that we'd like as a first dance, can you play it live?

Yes! As standard, we offer two totally bespoke songs. These can be anything you like, and are ideal for your first dance, father / daughter dance, etc.

Please take a look at the first dance section on our song list page for an idea of the sort of first dances that we've done before.

Can we have a say in what songs you play?

We play a range of material that's carefully chosen to get your guests on their feet. Our experience has shown that having too many client song choices in a performance can actually negatively affect the flow and energy level of the set. Please trust us to do what we do and bring the party! However, if there's a third bespoke song that would make your night absolutely perfect, just let us know and we'll see what we can do 🙂

How long does it take for you to set up?

We bring a full production with sound and lights, plus engineer(s), to each event. As such, it usually takes us at least 2 hours to set up and make sure everything is working perfectly. For safety reasons we require that the setup is in an empty room with no guests present. If your performance room is the same room the meal is in, we may need to set up before the meal starts. Let us know on the booking form.

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What are your standard load in and out times?

Our prices are based on a load in time of 5pm, with all equipment being packed down at midnight. We offer 2 hours of performance between 7pm and midnight, with a recorded music playlist ensuring there's no silence in between! These times are all flexible - we can arrive earlier / leave later / provide longer sets / provide a live DJ if needed. All details can be discussed when you book.

Do we need to provide a PA system?

No 🙂

We are fully self-contained and bring our own high spec sound and lighting equipment, including engineers, with us.

As standard, we bring equipment to cover ~200 people, but we can cater for ANY size event.

What do we need to provide for you to be able to set up?

A performance area and some (safe!) power - that’s it! Please view our Technical Requirements page for the specifics.

The venue we’ve chosen has a sound limiter - can you still perform for us?

We can work with most sound limiters, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Please let us know the details of the noise restrictions and the venue when you book – we may well have played there before!

Our chosen venue doesn’t have a raised performance area, but we want the band to be seen. Do you bring your own staging?

We think we should be seen too! We can bring our own staging in to suit your event if necessary - let us know when you book if this is something you are interested in.

Do we need to provide food and drink for the act?

Yes, we require one hot meal per person (band members and crew). If you are not able to provide this, we will accept a cash alternative so we can source food ourselves. We also require adequate soft drinks (water’s fine!) for all personnel. All other conditions are clearly laid out in the contract when you book us.

Where can you perform?

Worldwide! We are based in London, UK, but are available to travel anywhere in the world to make your event really stand apart from the others. All travel expenses are included when you get a quote - there are no hidden costs.

Do you require payment in advance?

Yes. We require a deposit of 30% to secure the booking, with the remaining balance paid no later than 21 days prior to the event.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is by bank transfer into our account. If you don’t have the facility for this, we accept payment by cheque (cheques must have cleared 21 days before the event), credit / debit card, or Paypal (4% surcharge for card payments or Paypal).

Can I come and see you live before I book?

Unfortunately this isn't always possible - the vast majority of our work is for private clients, e.g. weddings and corporate events. We give the client 100% of our focus on the day of their event, and we feel it is unfair to sneak people in to see us. Instead, please watch the live clips of us performing on our media page.

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